Why print out the bottom ash?

Why print out the bottom ash?

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We all know that the brother toner charge determines the performance of the toner in the printed matter. We will discuss the one-component toner and the toner will not be attracted by the opc (organic photoconductor drum) Of the region is the polarity of the charge is attracted to the electrostatic latent image area, which is the laser printing imaging principle, generally in the state of the toner powder, the toner charge distribution showed a broad trend, especially in the market some cheap toner cartridges in the cost considerations did not do centralized screening, the situation will be more uneven charging, so a part of the reverse polarity of the toner in the unexposed area but was attracted to the past to form fogging (bottom ash).
What are the factors that affect Q / M (the amount of toner per unit mass)
1, the surface roughness of the developing roller (DR)
2, DR volume resistance;
3, DR surface resistance;
4, DR capacitance;
5, adjust the pressure of the scraper (DB);
6, toner charge control agent (CCA).

Because the brother tonercharge is strong or weak, DR surface resistance can "balance" the toner power. Toner and DR, DB friction with each other to bring a different amount of polar charge, so DR/DB must be responsible for the amount of charge to the opposite of the amount of toner, but to derive the number of DR is the value of the control of the flood like the reservoir, Directly affect the toner Q / M. Generally compatible with the manufacturer's DR and PCR manufacturers are almost unfamiliar to the capacitor, often only pay attention to control the "resistance value" which is very dangerous, theoretically should be the impedance value, because these values are in the movement of the situation measured.

The pressure between the toner and the scraper allows the toner to press against each other and rub against the scraper. When the pressure is greater, the amount of static electricity is greater, but the excess scraper pressure prevents the toner from rolling , And will squeeze the toner deformation, while the CCA into the toner, while the impact of the amount of toner, toner CCA somewhat similar to the SPACER, the toner particles separated control of the charged CCA but a loss of toner Electrical instability will occur, usually under the life test CCA and the relationship between the toner will change, resulting in print quality decline.
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