A long trip from sunny Madden Mobile Cheap Coins

A long trip from sunny Madden Mobile Cheap Coins

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A long trip from sunny Southern California!"None of Madden Mobile Cheap Coins our guys had ever been to North Dakota," says coach Russell Turner. "So that was neat, getting a sense for what things are like there."They won in overtime, and their KenPom rating earned them a bye so they went back to California. Next up was Louisiana-Lafayette.

Another long trip, and another win. With four days until their next game, they decided to fly back to California again.The CIT is unseeded, with the tournament's selection committee --a bunch of ex-head coaches, plus NFL players Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson -- hypothetically reworking the bracket every round to make sure the tournament makes geographic sense. But by the time the tournament's semifinals roll around, the four teams remaining are Columbia.

NJIT, and Coastal Carolina, all within a few miles of the Atlantic Ocean ... and UC Irvine, within a few miles of the Pacific Ocean."What I thought was that there would be some more West Coast teams in the CIT and that we'd be likely to play at least somewhere along the way closer to home"

Turner said. "The trips we've made have been long ones."After beating Coastal Carolina in the semis Sunday night, the Anteaters had 48 hours until tip-off in Manhattan. So Monday, they had to take a four-hour bus to Charlotte, then fly to New York."

I want to say it was like road trips in the NBA," said Turner, who used to be an assistant coach for the Warriors. "But it was more like road Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins trips in the D-League."There are, of course, joys to being on the road. Monday morning in Myrtle Beach, the Anteaters went to Cracker.

Barrel for a rare taste of Southern-ish food. And the whole restaurant helped sing Happy Birthday to a player."It was almost like a church choir," Turner says.But there are also serious downsides, especially for a team like Irvine.
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