Swan gave 50 gift vouchers to fans who bought the coat.

Swan gave 50 gift vouchers to fans who bought the coat.

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Liverpool took the remedy for the "The Kop" discipline by offering a £ 50 gift voucher to the fans who bought the shirt with the name and number of Philippe Coutinho after the players wavered. Follow the dream of football to Barcelona successfully."Reds" Liverpool top-flight publicity team of the English Premier League is offering to heal the disciples "The Kop" who bought a shirt embroidered Philippine Cup of 2017-18 season with a gift voucher. 50 pounds (about 2,250 baht) to comfort.After "The Reds" to stop the move of the team to play with Barcelona to play with Barcelona in the past. Lastly, everything must end when the team decides to leave. Brazilian National Team Following the dream in the Camp Nuns with a huge amount of 145 million pounds (about 6,525 million) on Saturday.sbobet222
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