Rosell denies having intervened in the liver transplant of A

Rosell denies having intervened in the liver transplant of A

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A statement has been issued by former Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, sbobet168 in which he denies having influenced the liver transplant of Eric Abidal.Sandro Rosell's statement 1. "I categorically deny the conclusions that have been drawn from an interested filtration of a telephone conversation related to the transplant of Eric Abidal, a process in which I have not intervened in any way." 2. "The whole process carried out in relation to the transplant of former FCB player, Eric Abidal, has been an example of the exceptional quality of medicine in our country. As far as I can certify, Football Club Barcelona were impeccable and faultless in their conduct."3. "A telephone conversation is being taken out of context, trying to attribute to me things that I did not say. Who said them, did not have the data, sbobet168 nor the intention that was intended to be given. The life that was saved must be understood in its sporting meaning, and this refers to the generous gesture that FCB had at a very difficult time for the former player."4. "The leaking of a private telephone conversation, which has nothing to do with the events for which I am being investigated and for which I have been in preventive detention for more than a year, and which belong to a separate "secret "piece that has also been archived, once again show the absolute lack of scruples of the person or estates who have leaked it (only the AN, prosecutor or police have access to it). Interested parties are leaking things with the aim of diverting attention and adding elements of confusion to me, to contaminate me when there are no weighty arguments for my retention in custody." sbobet168
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