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Three decades ago , Bali was just an ordinary island dependent on agriculture. Today Bali is among the top ten destinations for tourism. The Balinese people have probably seen more tourists than any other place in Indonesia. Bali is also home to a rich and varied heritage. Religion is the centre of Balinese culture. Bali is synonymous with luxury and the best way to enjoy this luxury is by renting villas, which also provides privacy where one can be as far away a possible form the hustle and bustle of a hotel.

Bali offers a wide range of villas that cater according to your needs. There are different types of villas depending on one锟絪 budget. There are the locally owned villas that offer reasonable comfort at an affordable rate. These villas are intended for long term rent which could last anywhere from a month to a year. Information on these villas can be found only by going there and speaking to the owner.

There are villas that market themselves on the internet. These could range from a nominal to an exorbitant rent depending on the comfort and luxury offered. One can always log on to the internet to find more about these villas. Advance bookings can also be made through their websites. They offer a host of services such as chauffer, round the clock security, housekeeping services etc. Many hotels have now realized that people wouldn锟絫 mind paying up for some more privacy and want to en cash on this by offering high end villas which offer comforts beyond comparison. These villas are the ultimate for any person looking for luxury and can cost anywhere from $1000 and above for a nights stay. These villas are often frequented by celebrities.

Whatever your budget maybe Bali has a villa to suit every type of traveler no matter if you are a honeymoon couple looking forward to spending your lovey dovey moments with your beloved. Most of the villas even offer to arrange a host of activities for you. If you wish to go for snorkeling, scuba diving , trekking, or simply riding around the mountain side and don锟絫 know whom to turn to or are bothered that the others might take you for a ride, just relax, most of these villas arrange it for you.

Make sure to book rooms in advance and also specify your requirements because most villas offer packages which are economical. The best season to visit Bali would be the dry season which commences from May and can go up to September. Accommodation rents are also steep during this period. But any time is travel time if you are more interested in the rich and varied culture that Bali has to offer. Bali has to offer a lot to those who are looking to get a deep understanding of East Asian culture. Centuries old temples, colorful festivals , breathtaking art forms锟紹ali is full of them.
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Radiation is no stranger to the earth. There have always been a large amounts of radiation coming from various sources that the earth is exposed to constantly, but the earth’s atmosphere absorbs most of them. However, nowadays, the types of radiation that people have to be concerned with come mainly from man-made sources. Many companies working in such fields as the medical, nuclear , and aerospace industries utilize and depend upon equipment that emits radiation. It is widely known that frequent contact and exposure to radiation are hazardous to human health and detrimental to the equipment. Therefore, many radiation shielding applications have been installed to protect people and the working facilities from the harmful rays as well as to comply with work-safety regulatory requirements.

For a long time, lead has been the leading material used in radiation shielding structures and applications. Due to its high density and thickness, lead is very effective in shielding various types of radiation including gamma, X-ray and neutron radiation. It is also praised for its wide availability , ease of fabrication, and high stability. Moreover, it is also a cheap material that can be incorporated into numerous shielding structures with the weights ranging from just a few grams to many tons.

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With the increased awareness of the toxicity of lead and the heightened regulatory pressures towards the use of lead, new materials are being developed to serve as lead replacement materials that are 100% lead equivalent in radiation shielding efficacy, such as:

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