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Wearing perfumes is one of the most affordable ways men and women all over the world use to pamper themselves on a day to day basis.
The pleasure of applying a perfume can be both intimate and outwardly expressive; with the wearer and the people around them enjoying its fragrance.

Perfume penetrates the body of its wearer through the pores , working with their body chemistry to prolong a lingering effect.
A perfume or cologne that smells good on one person won?t necessarily smell good on another. This is because the interaction between the fragrance and the body may produce a different scent perception in different people due to their body chemistry.

Differing body chemistry is an important factor to consider when buying or creating a perfume. Also keep in mind that a perfume that smells good on a smelling strip at the department store may not smell as good on you when you?ve bought it and taken it home.

My suggestion is that you try the perfume on your body before you buy it.
Squirt some on the inside of your wrist and walk away. After a couple of hours you should know whether the fragrance works with your body or not.
If it works, you can always buy the perfume on another day or blend your own.
Characteristics of a Good Perfume
? You should smell its scent immediately after applying the perfume
? Noticeable emanation from the skin in all phases of fragrance evaporation
? Its fragrance should be noticeable in the area that surrounds the wearer
? Substantivity; the ability to last long usually demonstrates a well-constructed fragrance
Did You Know That
1. Diets, way of life and medication will affect or influence your sense of smell
2. Women have better sense of smell than men
3. The smell memory is more efficient than the visual and taste memory
4. The sense of smell is sharper in the afternoons
5. The older we get the weaker our sense of smell gets
6. Fragrance lasts longer on oily skin than on dry skin
A Perfume?s Lasting Effect

In general, the higher the concentration and strength of the aromatic oils in a perfume , the heavier and longer lasting it is.
This means that, Perfume is the strongest; Eau De Parfum next, followed by Eau De Toilette, and lastly , Cologne and Body Splash.

Tips for Wearing Perfumes
? Perfumes should be applied on pulse points for the best effect
? Squirt some perfume into the air and walk into its mist for an all over cover
? Apply on the inside of your elbows, wrists and behind the ears
? Spray the perfume onto a cotton ball and stick it in the cleavage of your bra if you?re a woman. This way, the scent is released continuously as the body warms up throughout the day.

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Remy Baker is a successful perfume entrepreneur. She shows people how to start their own home based business; making perfumes for next to nothing and selling their blends for big bucks.
Find out more by visiting: http:www.scent2riches

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