Javi Gracia is confident Deulofeu will return to his best at

Javi Gracia is confident Deulofeu will return to his best at

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Gerard Deulofeu's return to Barcelona did not work out as he struggled for time on the pitch sbo168 but now Javi Gracia is confident he can show his best form at Watford.Gracia made the perfect start at Watford with a 4-1 victory over Chelsea with Deulofeu at the heart of the action."I think he can (find his best form), firstly for the player he is and secondly for his desire to be part of the project until the end of the season," he said. "He fits into this style of football, he is a good player and has shown it in these two games. He arrived and the following day sbo168 he was already playing against Stoke."He has played well and scored goals, got assists and tracked back for the team."Gracia is confident that he can help Watford climb up the table."If we win the next few games against our rivals in the league then we will move up," he explained. "I arrived at a side that started the season well but then went on a poor run and had eleven games when they conceded goals. We have now brought that to an end and we are looking for solidity."Against Chelsea we produced a complete display and it helped us as we played for an hour with a player extra. sbo168 We reached the final stretch of the match drawing and then we got three goals in seven minutes."
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