Zlatan Ibrahimovic Manchester United Jersey

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Manchester United Jersey

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Should A Product Manager Pursue An MBA Education? July 2 Anthony Martial Jersey , 2013 | Author: Kenneth Sjoberg | Posted in Education
At the center of product development is the role of the product manager (PM). It is a role that involves consumer research, product concept development and the development and deployment of the final product.

There are plenty of job opportunities for product managers because nearly every company that develops and markets products, including web services needs at one product manager to drive the process.

To enhance your career in product management, you should consider pursuing an MBA (Master in Business Administration) degree. There is a wide variety of programs available that suit most needs and circumstances.

Aspects to be mastered to be a good PM There are several aspects of the profession that you must master. These include market research skills Angel Gomes Jersey , communication skills, packaging knowledge and so on. These are the most important aspects since the products need to be well marketed to make an impact in the market.

Usually a PM will work on existing products as well as products under development. It is not unusual for a PM to manage a range of related products in the portfolio. Existing products usually need support in the areas of logistics and sales.

As you can see, a PM needs to be a jack-of-all-trades and this means learning a broad set of skills. A relatively quick way of acquiring these different skills is by getting an MBA education.

What an MBA is An MBA education is a collection of courses on a variety of business topics from finance to marketing. It is thus specifically tailored to the corporate environment and it’s challenges. Because of this, MBA graduates often have a competitive edge in the job market.

If you have an affinity for business but don’t have a business degree Andreas Pereira Jersey , an MBA degree will give you quick and credible primer to move into more business oriented roles, like product management. To further enhance your chances, choose a reputable MBA program.

Requirements to enter an MBA program The requirements for entry differ per program. Usually, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree or you must prove you have attained a similar level of knowledge through experience. In many programs you need at least a few years of work experience.

An MBA course will enhance and polish your skills gained from your experiences by providing insights you might have missed in the real world situation. It also instills confidence Ander Herrera Jersey , so graduates are able to assume broad responsibilities without fear of failure.

Many companies understand the value of an MBA degree and prefer candidates that hold the degree for business related roles, like product management.

Product Management MBA programs There is no standard for what a product management MBA program should encompass. However, it seems most of these programs put a great deal of emphasis on marketing and brand management.

The marketing courses will often cover the topics of market research and product positioning, which are important to a PM. Because the products a company produces fall under the corporate brand Customized Manchester United Jerseys , the brand management courses are valuable too.

MBA degrees can be pursued at well-regarded business schools around the world, so you do not have necessarily have to leave your home country for one.

MBA study options

Full-time You may opt to quit your present job or take study leave in order to complete an MBA course. The advantage of this is that you will do it in a shorter period of time. This is often a financially straining option as you will be without a significant source of income for the duration of your studies and you will have the additional costs of the course itself and the study materials. Studies typically take 2 years.

Part-time A more affordable way of obtaining your MBA is in a part-time program. You’ll still build a network with your fellow students, but the trade-off is in the duration and the otherwise free time committed. These programs typically take 4 years. Your studies will take place during hours that you’d normally be free from work, so this is a big commitment.

Online programs Over the last few years a variety of online MBA programs have sprung up. While these programs are convenient Authentic Manchester United Jerseys , it is harder to build a network with and learn from your fellow students. Hence these programs are primarily good for obtaining new theoretical skills.

If you want to read more about this topic, you should also read this article about an MBA in product management.

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